How Winning Stab High Put Eithan Osborne On the Map

  • 04.16.2021

Last year, Eithan Osborne won $20,000 for completing the biggest air at Stab High. He was riding the Neck Beard 2 with Spine-Tek.

The specific air that won? It was a frontside straighty, moderately boned, fumbled slightly in the wash but ultimately given the completion. By Stab’s calculations, this air was 14.3 inches higher than any other landed that day, which is a testament both to Eithan’s skill and his epoxy Neck Beard 2 built with Spine-Tek, which provided that 20k pop.

Following Eithan’s loftiness, it’ll be interesting to see how many surfers adopt the epoxy strategy at Stab High 2.0 later this month. But even with epoxy construction, non CI built boards will be missing a key ingredient to the epoxy pop formula: Spine-Tek.

All images by Jimmy Metyko

  • 04.16.2021