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Wizard Sleeve

Imagine riding a wave without a surfboard under your feet, exploring parts of the wave that the length of a normal surfboard usually prohibits… For this, Kelly created the wizard sleeve, possibly the closest thing to surfing without a board. If you are ready for the volume of your standard short board hidden in a board that is 6-8 inches shorter, then maybe you are ready for this board. The vee bottom on the Wizard Sleeve allows for smooth rail to rail transitions while the wider nose area in the entry of the board definitely helps increase planing speed over flat sections .As well its narrow tail defines it from a fishy board and gives it more control.
This board was originally offered in the following sizes: 5’4, 5’6 5’8 and 5’10, and comes standard with a bump round pin tail, which not only smoothes out your style but suits quick direction changes perfectly.
This board is standard with 5 sets of two tab plugs which provides versatility and can be ridden as either a tri or quad-fin.