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MBM Plus

The MBM+ is an updated version the MBM. Working closely with team riders, Al modified the bottom contours to create the MBM +. All our team riders that were riding the MBM are now riding the MBM+ and achieving great results. Nathaniel Curran recently rode the MBM+ to victory at the US Open and the Lacanau Pro in route to qualifying for the 2009 WCT. It consists of a single concave bottom with flip in the tail. The MBM+ is an integral part of CI team riders’ equipment.


needs to be surfed vertically in the pocket.

Ideal Wave Size

intermediate to expert surfers in waist high to well overhead waves. Can also be custom ordered as a quad or a Step-up board.


For best results ride this board with the Merrick template—look for the hexagons.

NOTICE as of 9/1/2013 Channel Islands is building and installing our own two-tab (FCS compatible) fin box that will come standard in all boards.

We will custom build with Fusion or X2 upon request (upcharges apply Jan 1 2014).