Zachary’s Peruvian Adventure Vol. 2

  • 04.16.2021

The early birds reaping the rewards of first light surf checks.The early birds reaping the rewards of first light surf checks.

Hello everyone,

Wow what an amazing last week here in Northern Peru! This place is blowing my mind, the setups and potential is just incredible! We have surfed so many different spots, seven different ones so far, I am in complete awe at the variety, and definitely didn’t expect this much diversity on this trip. Even got to surf a beachbreak with draining right corner bowls, so stoked to go right! While the majority of the waves would run down the beach with the current into bowling left speed walls, I was searching out as many against-the-grain corner rights as I could find. So psyched, made around 9 frontside visions, then got a hero left backside for my last wave for an even 10 barrels within about an hour, and that was just the morning session. But the bulk of the sessions have definitely been peeling left sand points, we have seen more than I can keep count of. This place reminds me so much of Baja California, Mexico, with its dusty desert terrain and golden sun-scorched landscape, the dry winds searing across the earth and howling along the coast, until they reach an abrupt headland curving the coastline back in toward itself. All of these elements intersect with the pulsing lines of swell wrapping into the coves and bays around these headland rock setups, refracting around the corner back into the prevailing winds, creating corduroy lines of peeling offshore green walls, mesmorizing in its beauty. The only major differences, in Baja I am wearing a fullsuit and going right, while here in Peru I am wearing trunks and going left, a nice change of pace to be sure. The left points are an Occy at JBay training ground for regularfooters, where most of the turns executed are backside down carves back into the pocket, not only to stay on the rail as long as possible, but also to hold the line back into the offshore winds in order to get back down to the trough and set up the next bottom turn, in a relentless succession over and over and over again. My toes have never worked so hard. And the landscape we have been driving through feels like we are exploring the interior of the Grand Canyon somewhere on Mars more than it does a surf trip. So incredible just soaking up the sights as we drive like Mad Max across the parched yet stunning countryside. Before dark departures on our expeditions have revealed epic finds at first light, and we are maximizing everyday binging ourselves until we can’t walk back up the sand point for another lap, celebrating by eating epic meals at night and passing out to rest up and do it all over again, loving life! More updates to follow, hope everyone is well!

Love and Light,


Fruit markets in foreign countries, one of my favorite things in the world.Fruit markets in foreign countries, one of my favorite things in the world.

The local gas station.The local gas station.

  • 04.16.2021