The land of baguettes, fine wines and nudist beaches ~ part 2

  • 04.16.2021

Aside from running two heats in the opening round, the Quiksilver Pro France has been on hold… there’s been a bunch of controversy as to why they ran those first two heats, but I’m sure you’ve seen Conner Coffins warm-up tube (which would have been a 10 point ride). There’s been plenty of swell, however, the conditions have not been cooperating. Regardless of the unruly conditions, the boys have been managing to snag a few goodies…

Jordy Smith- 6’1 1/2 x 19 x 2 1/2 31L Girabbit

morant_france16_17743morant_france16_17616 morant_france16_17526 morant_france16_17419 Jordy Smith, Anglet

Conner Coffin, Hossegor

Conner Coffin- 6’0 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 25.8L Proton

conner-warm-up-tubeConner Coffin, Hossegor Conner Coffin, HossegorScenic, Hossegor

Nat Young, Hossegor

Nat Young- 6’1 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 27.2L Rook15

morant_france16_18188 morant_france16_18198 morant_france16_18139 morant_france16_18268

Photos by Ryan Miller & Trevor Moran

  • 04.16.2021