QUIVERS: Lakey & Sage Prepare For Snapper

  • 04.16.2021

2017 was an epic year for both Lakey Peterson & Sage Erickson! Lakey finished the year in the 6th position, and Sage ended in 8th.

With the Roxy Pro Gold Coast set to kick off in a few weeks, the ladies have been hard at work, getting their boards dialed and ready for the opening event of the 2018 WSL season!

Before heading off to OZ, Sage stopped by the CI factory to pick up her latest batch of boards, and catch up with the crew…

Stab: Sage, run us through this lovely new quiver?

Sage: Winter at home has been below par for waves, and the swell on the Gold Coast is perfect to test new equipment. I picked up eight boards the day I left for Australia. It’s always refreshing to receive a new canvas of blades going into the Australian leg.

My general dimensions are – 5/8 X 18 3/8 X 2 1/4 – 24.2 litres

Though, I’m pretty private with the entirety of my quiver. To be honest I wasn’t completely involved in the tweaks on this new run. There’s something so motivating when testing a board not based off what it’s consumed by, but what it allows me to do on a wave.

Is there anything new in this batch that you’re excited to get in the brine?

This year we thinned out my rails throughout the whole board. Last year, I had a lot of volume and thickness creating soft edges. This year, I’m feeling a lot more dynamic or at least I’m striving to be! This improved sharpness in my boards is going to keep me on my toes but allow for a lot more precision in my turns.

How hard have you been working with Channel Islands for this Australian set?

Honestly, it’s such a blessing having the Channel Islands headquarters so close to home. My version of working on my boards is surfing pumping Rincon with all the boys out.

I get to surf with the marketing guys, glassers, sanders, and my team manager. They get to watch me surf, learn my personality and really see where I’m struggling. I trust their adjustments more than my own opinion really.

Lakey has been working closely with Britt these past few months, surfing Rincon together and dialing in this latest batch: ranging from 5’8″ – 6’0″ (mostly 5’8 & 5’9s) x 18 1/4 (couple 18 3/8s) x 2 1/4 Rook15s and Prototypes

They say your work environment is important, and the Merrick Ranch sits just over the hill from Rincon and the CI factory, looking at these Rook15s and prototypes, we think it paid off for Lakey and Britt.

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Photos by Willie Kessel, Ryan Miller, Trevor Moran & Sean Lesh

  • 04.16.2021