CI "Bonzer 3D" Surfboard Review by Noel Salas

  • 04.16.2021

“In this show I review the CI Bonzer 3D. This model is a collaboration between Channel Islands and the Campbell Brothers.

I thoroughly test this small wave board in perfect 2-4′ surf. This Bonzer 3D is very fast and draws very unique lines. After I go through the attributes of this board I begin comparing the lines it draws compared to the Bonzer 5 Shelter and a regular Thruster.

Each board draws different lines and you can see that as I break it down while you watch them on very similar waves and maneuvers.

The Bonzer 3D is very fun and I recommend it for intermediate to advanced surfers” – Noel Salas

” It was the perfect board to go mix it up on the north shore, really fast, but turned great. You can really ride the board forward and get a ton of speed but then step back and turn it on a dime! Really just a fun all around board! “Conner

“It felt insane in the barrel, just locked in like you’re riding on ball bearings!” Dane said of his 5’8″ BONZER3D. “I like experimenting with boards other than thrusters because you learn to find speed in new parts of the wave. I think it’s beneficial for every aspect of your surfing!”

photos by Ryan Miller, Steve Sherman, Sean Lesh & Trevor Moran

  • 04.16.2021