My Morning Routine: Kelly Slater, Pro Surfer

  • 04.16.2021

Welcome to My Morning Routine! In this series, we take a look at how people start their days. In the first few installations, we focused on Bon Appetit staffers. Now we begin moving into the wide world of everyone else (and by that we mean celebrities).

Kelly Slater

What time do you usually get up?
Kelly Slater: I’m not really an early riser. I like to stay up late at night. If I want to get up and surf, maybe I’ll get up at like 7 or 8 and look around for surf.

I get irrationally angry at the alarm clock. Do you?
KS: Oh yeah. I like to get my eight hours.

What do you drink to start the day?
KS: I generally start my day off with hot water and lemon–to cleanse the body out after sleeping. I read about it and it seemed like a good idea. I drink a lot of coconut water, too. Luckily, I’m sponsored by Vita Coco–so I don’t have to go open up a coconut.

Breakfast–pro or con?
KS: I generally stick with fruit in the morning. I make a lot of smoothies.

Fresh fruit or frozen?
KS: I usually have fresh fruit that I’ve frozen. Last month here in Hawaii, a big banana tree fell across the street and I grabbed a bushel of 50 mini apple bananas off the street and froze them up for smoothies. When it comes to fruit, I try not to mix citrus and non-acidic fruits. I wouldn’t eat a grapefruit and an apple together.

Why is that?
KS: To let them digest properly. If you get into reading about food combining and how your stomach processes different foods, you see it’s important not to mix certain foods together. You try not to mix protein and carbs because they’re digested with different acids and alcalines in your stomach.

That sounds rigid.
KS: By the way, this isn’t something I strictly adhere to! But if I am in that really serious contest mode or health mode, this is what I’ll do.

Do you make your smoothies with milk or ice?
KS: I do vegan smoothies–it’s just fruit and almond milk or a coconut milk. Sometimes it’s just the fruit. I do quite a lot of green smoothies and mix in sprouts. Greens will digest with fruits pretty readily.

What do you say to people who wake up and need a giant breakfast of two eggs and pancakes?
KS: I do that myself, occasionally. It’s enjoyable. But, in the long run, I try and think about health and what I’m going to feel like when I’m 50, 70, 80 years old. If you don’t want to get old and have your kids taking care of you, you should probably be thinking about that right now. If you can get yourself into a pattern where the best, healthiest foods are the things you enjoy, you life is going to be better.

How often are you in the water?
KS: Probably not as much as you would think–maybe half the days.

How long is it from when your feet touch the floor until you’re in the water?
KS: Oh, sometimes I just jump in the water and don’t eat. If the waves are really good, I have trouble even bothering putting food in my mouth unless I know I’m going to be surfing for a long time and have to eat something.

Last question, what does the water feel like in the morning?
KS: It’s the best way to wake up. –Mickey Rapkin

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  • 04.16.2021