Mikey February's All-New Twin Pin

  • 06.23.2021

We’re stoked to announce that our all-new Twin Pin model is now ready to ride—available at a surf shop near you or cisurfboards.com.


This beauty of a board is the result of an epic collaboration with one of the world’s most stylish surfers @mikeyfebruary and our lead Shaper and Designer Britt Merrick. They worked on this versatile twin-finned pintail for over two years, with the goal of creating a board that had all the fun twin feels but enough hold and projection to free you from ever wishing for a third fin or trailer. Designed as an all-rounder, it helps you rip in anything from the mellow mushy stuff to nearing double overhead rifling walls.

Along the way, Britt also developed a specific fin just for the Twin Pin we’ve simply dubbed the Britt Merrick Twin—a well-tested and balanced blend between a more upright style fin like the MTF and classic keel outline like the AMK.

Keep your eyes peeled this week as we share more on the new Twin Pin model, and please tune in to our YouTube channel next week to watch the first of two Indo Sessions featuring Mikey ripping and styling this board at a dreamy, empty reef pass.

  • 06.23.2021