Dane Reynolds' Trade Ins from 2009

  • 04.16.2021

If you could take home just one of these boards, which one would you pick?

Dane Reynolds Channel Islands Trade Ins

Sometimes its fun just to line up a few of the trade ins from our team and give them a good look from above. Here are some of Dane Reynolds’ boards from 2009. Listed from left to right we have:

  1. 5′ 7″ EPS Dumpster Diver, (originally a sharp square tail , we reshaped tail into a squash to see if it would change performance some)
  2. “The Otter Pop” this is the first board Dane shaped himself. He did it from a raw blank and used a planer for the first time – the whole nine yards.
  3. 5′ 7” Dumpster Diver Dane got second on at Trestles.
  4. 6’2” Proton , with the Thomas Cambell artwork,
  5. The infamous 5′ 6″ Molecule which Dane rode a bit at Duranbah during snapper last year as well as on a few photo trips .
  • 04.16.2021