360 Seconds with Pat G.

  • 04.16.2021

I caught up with Pat right after a physical therapy appointment for his recent ankle injury sustained at the Rip Curl Pro Search event in San Francisco…

Pat Guduaskas' busted ankle

Travis Lee: So, describe what happened after you landed that insane Rodeo Flip.

Pat Gudauskas: When I landed I heard a loud “pop”, at least I think it was my ankle, maybe my board, not sure! Then I felt this sharp pain and was like, “Oh no,” so I went for a cut back to feel it out and I was just in immense pain. I floated to shore like a beached whale.

TL: What were you thinking about on the beach lying there with all those people around?

PG: I was just thinking, “This sucks if I can’t surf tomorrow,” or “What if I’m out for 6 months?” I think more than anything I was just bummed it happened.

TL: What is the doctor’s diagnosis?

PG: It’s a grade 3 high ankle sprain.

TL: I hear you got straight into physical therapy the next day?

PG: Yes, I had one-day rest and I went in to work on reducing the swelling around my ankle. I am in the rehab phase now and am off the crutches so that’s a good feeling. There is still some pain, but its more the unused muscles. I am basically testing my threshold.

TL: Any idea when you could be back surfing?

PG: With my PT group we set a goal to make it back for the Pipe contest. I am hoping that’s realistic but it all depends on how the healing goes.

TL: What’s the hardest thing about an injury for you?

PG: Probably not being able to surf is the hardest thing for me right now. I want to be on the North Shore. I am trying to enjoy my time though. I’m taking music lessons (piano and banjo) to stay busy and that has been fun.

TL: Being injured do you watch surf videos or the comps online or does it make you eggy?

PG: Yes, I’ve been pulling out all the old VHS vids and getting freaky! Super into “Searching for Tom Curren” right now. Haleiwa has been off but once it is on I will definitely watch to see the boys rip!

TL: Thanks Pat, heal up quick! We all can’t wait to see you back soon.

  • 04.16.2021