Zeke Lau calls a Board Meeting

  • 04.16.2021

As you may recall, in early September, Zeke Lau launched his new vlog “Unleashed.” In his most recent episode (no.5), Zeke holds a Board Meeting and talks about some of his favorite surfboards—including the “Money Maker” that kept him on tour, the one he caught his best waves at Pipeline on, and the one he’ll ride in The Eddie Aikau Invitational when The Bay calls the day.

You will notice how he refers to FJB on some of the model names, which was the file name for a board Britt made for Dane Reynolds some years ago called Fiji J Bay (FJB). Working on the FJB with Zeke on tour, Britt and Zeke refined it further which gave way to the Happy model.

Zeke also shares what it was like to shape his first ever surfboard, helping him gain an appreciation for how hard it is to do!

If you aren’t already following Unleashed on YouTube, we encourage you to subscribe and follow his vlog series showcasing life as a professional surfer, from ripping recent swells at home to his training & recovery, and what he does to get his adrenaline pumping in between it all.

Filmed and edited by Matt Heirakuji.

  • 04.16.2021