Watch: New Tanner Gudauskas Film Short

  • 04.16.2021

We love the Gudauskas brothers for so many obvious reasons, and it’s been especially rad to watch their creativity develop in recent years on the film front. Tanner just dropped this great 15 min bundle of shred, stoke and unique art that we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

“Originally, we had planned for this to be not released online, maybe not at all,” explains Tanner. “I wanted to do something to connect directly with surf communities, something in person, like cruise around and do short film screenings from out of our van. Then COVID came. The plan switched and digital was the only way to go for all of us. ‘Digital Surf, Digital World’ is a bit of a spoof name because most of the movie is shot on film and done with analog paint techniques but tied together in the beginning with the ‘Awareness Outreach’ clip.”

“I used a couple of the conversations from The Outreach project, the ones where I did a bunch of interviews with people in my favorite surf films. Lots of those conversations have so much insight in them I didn’t really know which ones to use. I went with Alby Falzon and Nathan Fletcher because their words seemed to fit into the theme of the movie and what I was hoping to tell through the project. I hope that no matter how digital things get we never lose the feeling of surfing through media. There are so many ways to connect with so many platforms but the connection of surfing with friends hopefully will never go away.”

Starring: Tanner Gudauskas; Patrick Gudauskas; Dane Gudauskas; Dylan Graves; Tom Lowe; Gony Zubizarreta; Marlon Lipke. And you can read more about this project here on Tanner’s Blog, The Outreach.

You can also support the Gudauskas nonprofit Positive Vibe Warriors.

  • 04.16.2021