Video: Eithan Osborne’s Hometown Victory Lap

  • 04.16.2021

Eithan (pronounced “A-tawn”) Osborne has been on a roll of rolls. Last September, he was invited to the Stab High event, finishing fourth over all and took the $20k prize for sticking the biggest air of the event. He’s since qualified for the WSL air tour while in France and has dropped numerous clips that are backing up this well-deserved hype. Then he recently started off the new year by winning his first QS in Israel.

And now this short edit made by Stab has dropped: “Suspended License.” It was shot over a few days around home by the second half of Dane Reynold’s revered Marine Layer Productions, Jason “Mini” Blanchard as well as Andrew Schoener. Mini said: “It’s always worth bringing out the camera when Eithan’s around, you never know what he might stick!

We expect much more Eithan goodness to come our way this year, and we’ll keep you in the know first. Enjoy!

This edit was made by Stab’s Sam Moody aka @clubmedsucks

  • 04.16.2021