Timmy Curran Board Demo: Riding a Fred Rubble

  • 04.16.2021

Well, now I know why a lot of the guys on the Channel Islands Team are talking about this board… It is one of the best short boards in the line. With all the hype, I wanted to use some newFuture-istic fins to see if it still lived up to the word on the street (& that it did). In the last few months I’ve wanted to experiment with fins, and these were the perfect fins to use.

The new Elevens are very interesting. When I first got them I doubted they would even work. I told Kyle (who makes these vids), that I may be coming in after my first wave. To my surprise they had no drag, and were opposite. They actually made the board feel really fast. When I looked at the fins, I thought that they would do what the Laird Hamilton Hydrofoil did, lift the tail out of the water. Not quite to that extent, but something close. It was opposite, it was actually more difficult to get it out of the water when attempting airs. If you are bored with your normal fins, they are for sure worth a spin. Best way to get them would be to go to Futures Fins.

With all that said, back to the board… It was nice getting to test the Fred Rubble in some really good waves, so blessed to live and surf where I do. The rocker in the board was exactly what I like, right in the middle. Not to much and not too little. When boards have too much rocker they are usually much slower to paddle on. I am a fan of this board because the rails are slightly pinched, which made it hold in really well on turns. The shape of the board is a very standard shape, it’s what I would want for my every day short board shape. I would definiantly recommend this board for all types of conditions, it’s just one of those boards. Can’t wait to try it with my favorite Vector fins. Not a lot of explanation about this board other than get one if you can.

Next board blog on the Semi Pro, there will be more rights…You have my word. See y’all in the water.

timmy curran

Timmy Curran's Fred Rubble

The elevens
The elevens by Future

  • 04.16.2021