The Gudauskas Brothers Report back from South Africa

  • 04.16.2021

Tanner and Rhino friend.

Hey guys!

We just uploaded some of the images from the game reserve trip we did on my birthday! Make no mistake these animals are crazy real and crazy big! We were tripping out. IT was awesome because you paid the toll, which was about 8 dollars for every person, and you just drove your car into the park. Kinda like jurassic park, the size of the park was enormous. We spent about 4 hours inside and stayed until dark. We didn’t get to see the lions but just about everything else was spotted including one dane dog ha!

On our way out at dark, we were charging out of the park because we didn’t want to get stuck inside. (they close the doors at six o clock) Pat was sticking it in second gear when a Massive Rhino came charging out of the brushes on the side of the road, rushing into the illumination of our headlights. Probably about 10 feet in front of the car this RHINO was startled by our civic mobile. We happened to be on a hill as well. so when pat went to put the car back into first gear after a mini stand off, we revved the hell out of the engine. Now the RHINO was ready to eat us. It made its way off to the side of the road and was backing up in full combat mode, and we jammed it the hell out of there! it was epic. If it had rushed the car I wouldn’t be writing this email to you. haha.

Hope all of you celebrated a merry fourth of July. We got to see some flip cam videos from North gate from Nate yeomans. It looked like a girls gone wild video from deep in cancun mexico!!!!

Big congrats to greg as well for winning the big balls comp in peru!!! love you guys! talk soon

the three frotheteers!

p.s. its up to you to decide if the last photo is of wild animals or us. at this point in the afternoon I don’t think we knew! haha

Leopard Lurking in the Background





The whole crew.

  • 04.16.2021