Taylor Knox Shares his Thoughts on Bells

  • 04.16.2021

Taylor Knox on Fantasy SurferCalifornian Taylor Knox has been traveling to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach longer than almost any surfer currently on the ASP World Tour. Fantasy Surfer checked in with him to get his perspective on the upcoming Bells event and see what his frame of mind is like for the upcoming season.

Bells seems to favor to more seasoned surfers. As someone who has surfed this event more times than the rest of the field, what factor does that play into winning at Bells?

I feel like it does favor the guys that have surfed it a bunch. Just because the wave can be tricky to surf and it changes like the weather with the tides. Four seasons in one day!

What changes in equipment will you make for Bells? Thicker boards? Longer?

I’m using the same bottom on all my boards but I have brought down a couple of pintails for step-up boards, which I’ve liked out there in the past. I have two swallowtails, two squashtails, and two pintails.

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  • 04.16.2021