Conner Coffin + Kelly Slater's Haleiwa Session

  • 04.16.2021

Conner Coffin

Yesterday Haleiwa was six to eight foot and jammin’, but it was eerie quiet. Kolohe Andino paddled out on his own. Then Conner Coffin pulled up at the parking lot, then Kelly Slater pulled up, then they both paddled out and all of a sudden, there was a session a-happening. Ain’t everyday you get a North Shore session with one buddy and the world’s best surfer. So, what did Conner Coffin, of Santa Barbara, experience out there in the rippy Haleiwan bowl? What did he learn? Thankfully, Conner swiped right when Stab illuminated his phone.

Stab: One of your best Hawaiian sessions ever, right?
Conner: The best surf I’ve ever had out at Haleiwa, f’sure. I’ve been coming to Hawaii since I was 13, at least once a year, if not four times a year. I always keep my eye on Haleiwa, I like it, you can sneak down there and get it uncrowded ’cause people hate that rip. It’s weird ’cause it’s deceiving, it doesn’t look very gnarly from the beach and then you get out there and it’s a pretty heavy wave, but super shreddable and fun on its day.

Amazing to have a session on the North Shore, in peak season, with two other surfers.
Absolutely. It was surprising. I feel like everyone focuses attention on Pipeline, especially this time of year and rightfully so, ’cause you’re not getting barrels like that anywhere else over here. But I enjoy all the other waves over here, especially if you’re on it and can figure out when they’re gonna be good. For me it’s all about trying to find waves that’re less crowded, where I can actually ride some waves.

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  • 04.16.2021