Patrick Gudauskas Full Frame in Rio

  • 04.16.2021

Pat Gudauskas, Rio De Janeiro

Pat Gudauskas, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

We’re not usually too excited by double grabs, but this one’s just so dynamic. And inverted. The wave Californian Patty Gudauskas is rotating over breaks directly in front of the competitor’s area at the Billabong Pro, Rio De Janeiro. The whole of the WT are staying at the same hotel and have all been surfing the same bank right out front of the contest site. Which is right in front of the hotel.

The wave’s a tough one to get creative with, from a photographer’s perspective. Ryan Miller, who shot this and is quite certain he’s the only foreign photographer that made the trip to Rio, says there isn’t really any other way to shoot the beach break than just “with the 600mm lens, sitting on my ass eating acai in the competitors area. It’s pretty much just button pushing.”

The contest was called off today with no rounds run. Everyone sat around waiting for a start, watching what Miller describes as “100 foot, walling as far as you could see, with perfect conditions.” Hopefully conditions will be deemed worthy at next call.


  • 04.16.2021