Oceanside Board Demo Goes Off

  • 11.16.2020


Todays demo at Oceanside pier started out a little drizzly and flat but as the tide rolled in so did the surfers . I over heard a few say ” Im gonna try the new stuff wheather there’s waves or not. Today we were Joined by Hawaiian pro surfer Kalani Robb, who like a grom was literally the first guy in the water. Also joining the demo crew was Pierre Zamronnnie’ a die hard ci customer and Kelly fan-atic who flew from France to try one of the three wizard sleeve models that Kelly had personally shaped . In a French accent Pierre said” It was great Kelly loaned his personal boards to the ci demo van for us to try , I really wanted to make a conscious decision on if I thought his new designs held any validity” After riding them Pierre said” I do think these boards will soon be as common as the french-fry, I had so much fun on them , he really has something here!” Check out the photos of Pierre, Kalani and the rest of the Demo fleet testers.

Small human checks out Dane Reynold's Proton


Kelly's hand shaped board reflecting in Anon's Wizard Shades

stoked grom gives the thumbs up

Parker Coffin is stoked on his new Rookie model!

Mini Grom

Kalani Robb PreSurf

Kalani Robb, Deep in Thought

French Man

  • 11.16.2020