Lunch Break Shred: Britt, Bobby, Nathaniel and the Ultra Joe

  • 04.16.2021

Unless you live at one of the new fangled wave pools, it’s safe to say you’ll often find that the waves aren’t exactly firing. Luckily, we have a new model that’s now become the perfect solve for such days: the Ultra Joe.

In this little clip, you’ll find CI Lead Designer Britt Merrick and CI Team Manager Nathaniel Curran grabbing some waves on their lunch break. Before paddling, they threw out an invite to Bobby Martinez to join them for some Ultra Joe fun.

The Ultra Joe is a progressive step forward for beginner/intermediate surfers while at the same time is an inviting step down for average to good surfers seeking something fun and cruisy on the smaller, weaker days.
As compared to its predecessor the Average Joe, the all-new Ultra Joe boasts refined, sensitive rails, a double-bump squash tail, narrower nose with an updated rocker profile, and additional exit rocker. Despite all these changes, one thing remains the same: the fun factor.

Ultra Joe Surfboard with FCS - Top and Bottom view
  • 04.16.2021