Letter of the Month: Fred Butts

  • 04.16.2021

Fred Butts: Letter of the Month.  Thanks Fred!

This is my 48th year of surfing. I have always lived in Fla. but have traveled to over a dozen surf destinations and repetes every year. I have ridden C. I. boards exclusively for over 20 years, and currently own two M-13s, Waterhog, H-4000 a Fishcuit, and a Bisquit. I really love all my boards, they are relible and so well designed and made. They have enhanced my whole surfing experience and given me much enjoyment. My favorite board to ride is, to my surprise, is the Bisquit. At 62 years old this board has put an extra dose of FUN into my daily go outs. I like it so much I always take it on all surf trips along with a M-13. This summer I rode it every day for two weeks at Pavonies, Costa Rica, and it is going to Puerto Rico and Barbados this winter. Thank you for producing such superior and top quality equiptment. There is a sense of confidence and a pride of ownership built into each of my surfboards which I have not experienced with any other surf equiptment. In my opinion Al Merrick designs are the “State of the Art” and I look forward to all the future creations to come. Thanks alot and keep up the fine work.


Fred Butts
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

  • 04.16.2021