Jordy Smith Shares his Top 5 Favorite Waves

  • 04.16.2021

Jordy Smith

Craig Jarvis, of Stab Magazine, tags along with Jordy for an Oakley shoot and gets his perspective on his top five favorite waves. Here’s number one:

1. Mozambique. I’m not going to name the spot because there are a couple of guys who go there regularly, and they’d be a bit disappointed if I let the cat out of the bag completely. It’s not a secret spot though, as it’s had a fair share of traffic over the years, it’s just a fair mission to get to and even more of a challenge to get it good. We’ve figured out the charts pretty much, and know when it’s looking like it’s going to get good, but local climates can make a heap of changes up there. When you score it, like we did earlier this year, it’s the real deal. Full on sandbottom barrels. Warm water, pretty rural accommodation, mosquitoes and stifling humidity makes up the Mozambique package so it’s not going to ever get too crowded I guess, but we’re not going to reveal the exact spot.

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  • 04.16.2021