ECOBOARD Project News: SIMA Endorsed

  • 04.16.2021

Kelly Slater and Sustainable Surf Crew

Dear friends of Sustainable Surf,

I think you will all be stoked to hear that SIMA has officially endorsed the ECOBOARD Project, and will be putting significant effort into helping us develop the program.

The program has huge momentum now, with many major surfboard manufacturers supporting it, including Channel Islands, Firewire, Lost and many more. We met with Kelly Slater recently to show him the Channel Islands “ecoboards”, and he was stoked on them and may be riding one at the next World Tour event. (fingers crossed).

Here are the stories that came out today:

1. Transworld Surf article on the SIMA endorsement of the ECOBOARD Project

2. SIMA Press Release with official endorsement

3. Sustainable Surf website story showing lots of photos (including our meeting with Kelly Slater):

4. The ECOBOARD Project website (where shapers can sign up and get listed as ECOBOARD Project shapers):

Thanks all!


  • 04.16.2021