Dane Gudang’s Banger Edit: Wind

  • 04.16.2021

The Positive Vibe Yeti describes this new clip as journey through “the unknown expanse and immeasurable realm of energy we possess.” We’d describe it as straight ripping to an unreal sound that makes you want to grab your board and head straight to the surf.

Today, Dane Gudauskas dropped this radical little Paradise Projects clip edit on stabmag.com with this note attached: “I have been psyching super hard on this band Hawkwind… pretty much just been playing it full volume before every session around home to fire up and smash some sections, cause as you can tell California ain’t Fiji and you definitely gotta harness any sort of inspiration you can to get out there and hit it!!!”

Ain’t that the truth?

We hope this edit fires you up as much as it has our crew here in Carpinteria, where things are starting to wind down and we begin to gear up for longer drives to find the goods!

Dane Gudauskas rail grab cutback

Check out the shapes Dane rode in Wind: OG Flyer, Rocket Wide.

Dane Gudauskas walking into the sunset

  • 04.16.2021