• 04.16.2021

Tyler Warren took a spin to help us with some R&D on the new CI Fish coming out in early fall. Check out the section in Surfline’s recent “Twinning” article with him and Josh Kerr test driving various twin fin models by nine different board builders. Although the obvious model for this project was our CI Twin—among our most popular of late—we thought it’d be rad to get Tyler’s thoughts on the our new CI Fish that officially launches early this fall.

“It is a modern twin-keel design born from our extensive history with the Skinny Fish and MINI models,” explains CI lead designer Britt Merrick. “Our goal with the new CI Fish is to keep the speed, fun and forgiveness of a fish while not sacrificing the performance characteristics sometimes associated with its traditional form. Along with creating a new Futures fin template for this model, we paired our modern foil and concaves with a traditional outline that and unique rocker to bring a new twist to the classic fish design.”


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  • 04.16.2021