Bells warm-up session

  • 04.16.2021

The waiting period for the RipCurl Bells Beach event starts today (March 24-April 5) and the men and woman have been getting their practice in… there looks to be plenty of swell in the forecast with a possible start later today! MoranT_Bells16_01005

Conner has been hanging around the contest site this past week dialing in his equipment and getting some practice in on the long walls. Here he is hanging with Britt Merrick, getting a little board advice. image1-2image1-3image1-4
Kolohe Andino, Bells

Adriano is always a strong pick for your fantasy team, not one to shy away from putting in the extra time and effortMoranT_Bells16_00421Jordy Smith,  Bells
Jordy Smith,  Bells

Jordy is due for a strong finish, is Bells going to be that icebreaker??MoranT_Bells16_01576

Photos by Ryan Miller, Trevor Moran, and Ryan Perry


  • 04.16.2021