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The Caddi

Stand-Up Paddle Board is designed for good stability for open water paddling but still allows easy maneuverability in the surf. Comes standard as box + biters fin setup. Al has added rocker that enhances maneuverability but still allows a nice clean track while paddling and surfing. Standard dims in 9′ to 12′. AL also incorporated a slight bump near the front fins to make it turn even quicker when you need to but not sacrificing stability. Comes standard with a Ci gore tex vent system which helps the foam breath when its hot out.


You want to spend time in the water even on the smallest days and get a core workout with long flat water paddles.

Designed For

All levels of surfers

*Custom Only


For best results ride this board with the Merrick template—look for the hexagons.

NOTICE as of 9/1/2013 Channel Islands is building and installing our own two-tab (FCS compatible) fin box that will come standard in all boards.

We will custom build with Fusion or X2 upon request (upcharges apply Jan 1 2014).