{% if S3D.View == '3d' %} {% if S3D.API.Response.Designer %} {% endif %} {% endif %} {% if S3D.View == 'outline' %}
{{S3D.API.Response.Canvas.Rail}} {{S3D.API.Response.Canvas.OutlineDimensions}} {{S3D.API.Response.Canvas.Stringer}}
{% endif %} {% if S3D.View == 'setup' %}
{{S3D.API.Response.Canvas.OutlineSetupGraphics}} {{S3D.API.Response.Canvas.OutlineBottom}}
{% endif %}

Sperm Whale

In 2012 we put Dane in a blue room with a block of foam, threw out the measuring tools, freehanded the outline, eyeballed the fin placement, ad had the ingredients for something completely differet. While the “Sperm Whale” is not for everyone, those with some wave knowledge and a penchant for challenge found an entirely different groove. Best as a small wave board. No set length to ride this board, but generally ride this board shorter than you are tall