Eithan Osborne

Birthday? April 2nd, 2000

Height & weight?  5’8" x 150lbs.


Billabong, monster, prolite, sexwax, CI  surfboards, futures.

How do you pronounce your name? 


Home break?


Favorite surfer?

 Dane Reynolds.

Airs or tubes?


Favorite food?


Curren or Slater?

 Curren 100%

Surf crew?

 Dane, Micky Clarke, Kellen Ellison, and the coffins.

Daily board setup? 

 Been riding the Happy, Jordy smith fins thruster, purple sex wax, prolite pad.

Favorite band? Album?

 Nirvana, with the lights out.

Play any instruments?

 Trying to not suck at the guitar hahhahaha.

Backdoor or pipe?


Favorite surf movie?

 Loaded by Dane Reynolds.

 Most memorable ride?

 Got a big foamy  barrel at Backdoor and thought I was gonna fall the whole time then I got spit out and almost claimed it hahah.

Best advice someone gave you?

 Have fun!


Make the tour, then see where it takes me 

Eithan Osborne