Eimeo Czermak

Born: French Polynesia on June 01, 2003

Sponsors: CI, vertra, future, blast Tahiti, north shore surf shop

Physical Dimensions: 5.9 154lbs

Local spot: Teahupo’o

Travel spot: Hawaii most of the time

Boards: 5.10 happy/ two happy, 6.2 happy & 6.4 happy travelers

Outside surfing: skating, fishing, spearfishing, foil, bodyboard, boxing, music, hair cutting🙈

Food: burger, pizza

Right hander: secret spot

Left hander: Teahupo’o or pipe

Name your maneuver: backside no hand barrel

Favorite song to get pumped up for a session: Travis Scott Rara

Do you play any instrument: nope, I should tho hahah

Favorite surf movie: Andy Irons kissed by god John John florence Done

Favorite surfer: Andy Irons, JJF and Matahi Drollet

Eimeo Czermak