Zachary’s Peruvian Adventure Vol. 3

  • 04.16.2021

Hola mi amigos,

This place continues to amaze me, as everyday brings more fun and adventure. We found a break up north of town that was an oil glass wedging beachbreak, with bowling ramp wedges and barrels without a drop of water out of place, and not a soul to be seen for miles, absolute bliss. But same as to the south, winds pick up by mid morning, and the sand point dreamworld lefts are the afternoon salvation everyday. My boards of choice for this trip are both Al Merrick shaped Channel Islands shortboards, one is a 5’11” Round Tail Proton and the other is a 6’0″ Round Tail AME, both with the Lokbox Fin System which 101 Fin Co. utilizes for their incredible Bamboo Fins.

My first Merrick ever was finished by Moonlight Glassing in North San Diego County almost 15 years ago, and I have requested every board since to be sent there, not only because it is the most roots surf family of the St. Pierre clan, which has had the business for over 3 decades, but simply because they do the best glass jobs in the world. The best shapes with the best glassing equals the best surfboards in the world! Moonlight has the fins finished by my friend Marlin, who created the Bamboo Fins about 6 or so years ago, and are now the only fins I ride. He has been making me custom sets of the 101 Bamboo Fins for the Lokbox Fin System, and is the only option for me on my trips, as close of a feel to my glass-on Bamboos as possible, but with the function of removability for ease of travel. While the AME is my favorite all around CI model, this trip I have ridden my Proton more than expected, I think just because I have been surfing backside, where I have more of a top-to-bottom approach to my surfing. If I were surfing rights, the Proton might have a little too much edge in the front half of the board, but backside bottom turns to down carves fits just right with a little more edge to bite into the wave face and drive off of, and this board has been working incredibly well in the waves here. The AME has gotten in the water at the beachbreaks, where the variety suits it well for different turns, and having the two models to select from has made surfing that much more fun when I can choose the precise approach I desire for each session. Many thanks and praises to all of the amazing people involved in creating magic blades for me to draw lines with on the water! I cannot thank you all enough for helping me live life to its fullest potential! When surfing is as good as you can dream it, life feels full of special experiences, blessings from the universe that help continuously remind me to be so very thankful for this amazing gift of life! Another update soon…

Love and Light,


  • 04.16.2021