Zachary Keenan Checks in from the Mentawais

  • 04.16.2021

Dear Family and Friends,

It just keeps getting better. Life has always provided wonderfully amazing experiences, but it feels like the current environment in which I find myself is approaching the next pinnacle of my existence. Waking up every morning, I look out the window directly onto the corduroy lines of perfect waves racing along the world-class reef at KanduiLeft. Stepping out of the luxury vaulted-ceiling hardwood uma we live in onto the sand, I walk a few steps down to the water’s edge to check the wind direction, and to decide where the best waves are to be found each morning in this magical area of the Mentawai Islands. Working as a Surf Guide at Kandui Villas for the past two months has been one of the most incredible opportunities I could ever imagine, and I am so honored to continue this adventure for the next couple of months.

The waves surrounding us here at Kandui Villas include some of the most amazingly perfect waves in the world. You know how you get your home break dialed in, and are rewarded for constantly being on it by scoring those empty sessions when the elements align with clean winds and a pulsing swell, with no one around for miles. Now that my home break has become one of the best waves in the world, the score factor is starting to get pretty ridiculous. Paddling infrom another hero solo session this morning, I was in awe of the realization that I was paddling through the lagoon right up to our front doorstep, feeling absolutely blessed. I live on the beach in front of one of the best waves in the world. With our perfect left out front, and on the opposite side of the island lies Rifles, arguably the best right in the world, the potentialhere is amazing. Without a doubt I can say Rifles is personally my favorite wave in the entire world, producing the longest, fastest, and the most incredibly perfect turquoise barrels I have ever seen with my own eyes. I knew it took top ranking honors after my first ever session out there, and that was on a small day with no one out. Since then I have had some of the most memorable waves of my life, turquoise dream barrels that just keep on going for what seems like an eternity, absolutely surreal. The culmination of my life’s focus, dedication, and commitment, manifested into the wave I have subconsciously been training for my whole life. Synchronicity at its finest.

There have been a ton of fun and friendly days as well, with playful waves to keep the reflexes sharp for combo turns, to go along with the hero days of stand up caves that make all of the long days here more than worth the effort. There also happens to be an endless supply of durian, the king of fruits, with such amazing varieties and flavors, from the local Mentawai strains to the Sumatran and other outer Indonesian islands, absolutely loving life with the abundance of love showered upon us here, things have been peaking lately! I have also been in charge of the photography services for the guests here at the resort, and it has provided the inspiration to capture more of those incredible moments that make this experience so fulfilling. Along with helping assist the guests by providing tangible memories from their vacation, it also creates a legendary vault of records for my own personal reflections. Putting in the time behind the lens has increased my knowledge of the technicalities of photography, finally getting to apply my energy and develop my skills in a direction I have wanted to pursue for years. Please enjoy some of my attached photos from the past two months here in paradise.

I hope this message finds everyone in good health and great spirits, in the company of quality friends and loving every moment of life. Choose to live each and every day to the fullest, and experience the magical abundance of the life you love to live. Continue manifesting your dreams into your reality, realizing everything is possible. Best wishes to everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love and Light,


  • 04.16.2021