World Title Low Down - Kelly vs. Jordy

  • 04.16.2021

Kelly Slater in the shaping room.
By Ben Whitmore

We now have a two-horse race. The 2010 World Title trophy will sit on top of either Kelly Slater’s mantle with it’s nine brothers or it will sit proudly by itself on Jordy’s – back in South Africa for the first time in over 30 years.

For Jordy to overtake Kelly’s lead and initiate a Hawaiian showdown he has to get a third or better in Puerto Rico AND Kelly has to lose in either the second or third round (13th or 25th place).

If Kelly progresses through to the quarter finals or even round five, Jordy will need to win the event to keep the title race alive.

If Kelly makes the semi’s however, it’s all over red rover and Kelly will become the champ and don the crown of the greatest athlete in any sport, of all time.

The stage is set for some pretty exciting stuff to go down in waves that are unfamiliar to us all.


  • 04.16.2021