Winners of the CI Web Contest

  • 04.16.2021

Conner Coffin and Al volunteered to draw two names out of a hat and two lucky web customers win a new board. Here, Conner stands in front of the two sleds to be prized away.

Conner Coffin and Al Merrick
Al reaches into the hat and draws the first name. This winner will win Danes old short board, autographed and sprayed up as well.

And the winner of The signed Dane Reynolds board is Aric Ellis!! yeeeoooooooooeeeeeeew
And the winner of The signed Dane Reynolds board is………………………………. Aric Ellis!! yeeeoooooooooeeeeeeew.

Here’s a close up deck shot of the dane board for the giveaway, our winner Aric Ellis, this is yours!!

Heres a bottom shot of Dane's board
Heres a bottom shot of Dane’s board. This board is the Rookie Model, something very similar to the board he rode in his second heat as well as his quarter final heat against Joel parkinson at Snapper a few weeks back.

Winner of the Wizard Sleeve is...
Next Al reaches in to pick the winner of the Kelly Slater signed Wizard Sleeve . Conner’s smirk tells me something is a little fishy here, he probably rigged the drawing so his brother Parker will win.

And the winner of Kelly's signed wizard sleeve  is Tyler Swanson!!
And the winner of Kelly’s signed wizard sleeve is…………………………….. Tyler Swanson!! Yahooooooooooooooo. All winners will be contacted by phone or email this week . Thanks for participating and we hope to be able to do something like this every month.

  • 04.16.2021