Why Britt Shaped Dane A Bonzer For "Stab In The Dark"

  • 04.16.2021

“Well, I knew the surfer was Dane and I am Dane’s shaper, so I felt a little funny about doing it and actually offered to remove myself, but was asked to stay in,” admitted this episode’s shaper, Britt Merrick of Channel Islands. “I didn’t want to do for Stab In The Dark what I make for Dane everyday, so I took an alternative approach. I’ve been working with Malcolm Campbell who, along with his brother Duncan, are the inventors of the bonzer. We thought it would be a cool idea to throw a five-fin bonzer into the SITD mix. The board is pretty much what I make for Dane generally as far as the outline, deck and rails, but has a rocker with more entry curve and falls differently out the back with a vee in the last 1/3 suitable for a bonzer.”





  • 04.16.2021