Watch CI Team Go Ham on Spine-Teks

  • 04.16.2021

This new video shows the Channel Islands Surfboard Team enjoying the benefits of a surfboard technology that offers next-level performance advantages you can truly feel. With any CI model built in Spine-Tek, you’ll find that this Eco-Certified construction does the following: Redirects faster, is livelier & more sensitive, and maintains its flex memory.

“Spine-Teks are super light and frisky,” says Sebastian Zietz. “You get lots of load and spring off the bottom, and through turns. It’s definitely the future of surfboards.”

Spine-Tek built boards are more responsive, and, like a spring, they wind up on energy, provide pop, accelerate out of turns whilst holding speed down the line, and the “spine” keeps its flex pattern unlike timber which loses it over time.

“These Spine-Tek boards have reinvented the way I’m looking at small waves,” explains Pat Gudauskas. “The boards are lighter, faster and have great pop—it’s opened up more speed and overall creativity.”

Learn more about Spine-Tek here

  • 04.16.2021