US Open Board Update

  • 04.16.2021

Kelly's Boards for the US Open.

Waves today were pretty bad down here in HB, one to two foot , so the small wave arsenal was the GO- here’s the skinny on what the boys were ridin’! The U.S Open round of 96!!

Pat Gudauskas- 5-11 whip won his heat

Andy Irons 5-11 whip – won his heat

Dusty Payne 5-11 rookie- won his heat

Nat Young 5-9 proton – won his heat

Tanner Gudauskas 5-11 flyer epoxy (2nd advanced)

Nathaniel Curran 5-11 stock tangent (2nd advanced)

Eric Geiselman -white dove (2nd , advanced)

Sage Erickson – 5-8 whip epoxy ( made pro junior final)

Yadin Nichol 5-11 mbm -won his heat

Kelly inspects to his liking

CI's West Cost Rep, Rich

No, that's not your swimming pool.  Yes, that is Huntington Beach Pier.

  • 04.16.2021