Timmy Curran Releases New Album "Options"

  • 04.16.2021

“Suddenly” a track from “Options” performed LIVE at Hurley Studios. Featuring Catherine Clark

After 5 years of touring, Timmy Curran releases his 3rd full length album titled “Options” FREE. Along with the release of “Options”, Timmy launched his new website where you can download previous albums such as “Citsuca” & “VerseS” for FREE.

Timmy Curran Options“Options” was produced by band mate Andy Smith, who’s been playing with Timmy since the beginning. “I am really looking forward to releasing “Options”, Andy Smith did a great job producing this record. I recorded scratch vocal and guitar tracks in my garage, then Andy took those tracks to his home studio and composed the rest of the album. When I got the pre-mixed version of the album, I was blown away at what Andy created along with Jesse Carmichael and Jesse Taylor. Andy was able to get Dann Gallucci former member of Modest Mouse to mix the record, which was an honor to have someone on that level mix our record. We recorded final vocal tracks at the Hurely Sudios, thanks to Greg Teal & David Warsop for engineering. I am very blessed to have Andy Smith, Jesse Carmichael, and Jesse Taylor playing in this band. They all added so much to the record, I am grateful.”

Timmy Curran and Band

  • 04.16.2021