Timmy Curran Board Demo: Riding a Sperm Whale

  • 04.16.2021

Timmy and Dane’s Sperm Whale rendezvous for a few waves in Ventura.
Edited and filmed by Sean Lesh

Timmy’s Height: 5’9 x 150.
Board: 5’3 x 21 1/8 x 2 1/16.
Fins: *Special Order Futures

Timmy Curran's Sperm WhaleTimmy Curran's Sperm Whale

Timmy weighs in on the Sperm Whale:

I got to grab a stock Sperm Whale off the rack and give it a spin at a fun summer time left.

The half longboard is a very interesting design… it even got a few “Love Boat” calls on the beach from some friends.
For starters, I could not force myself to put a pad on it. It would be like throwing a deck pad on your new longboard, which immediately ruins the whole vibe. I even felt strange putting stickers on it, looks too good as it comes….simple and white.

The Sperm Whale is a good board to have in your quiver to mix things up. A little south hit and I rode it on some glassy lefts. Thankfully the water got cold and I could put my booties back on. No deck pad equals slipping or stepping right off the tail, especially when the tail has been cut off. The Sperm Whale carries a ton of speed because of the nose, flat rocker and being a quad. I had a blast on it, never rode anything quite like it.

I would highly recommend this board for point waves or beach breaks with a lot of face, it’s a great down the line board. It carries speed like no other! Oh, what I’ve give to ride the board in some left hand point breaks in Chile. Maybe one day soon… This board could be amazing in waves that have some size & hollowness, it holds in on turns
really well. I was a bit torn on what to do in between sections, should I walk to the nose or not? It’s a groovy little cruiser.

Definitely worth a spin! Shim sham.

Special thanks for the tunes by Ozzie Wrongs Ukulele Songs HERE

Timmy Curran and Sperm Whale

  • 04.16.2021