The Snuggie: A Better Way To Protect Your Board

  • 04.16.2021

The Snuggie ERP is not your average board sock. It’s much more! Built with a thick, stretchy polar fleece, this unique day bag design provides 4mm of padding on the rails so your surfboard will get extra love during your daily car trips or added protection abroad when placed inside your travel bag.

– Enhanced Rail Protection (ERP)

– Stretch Polar Fleece

– Corrosion Free Zipper

Offered in two styles: “Performance” for standard shortboard shapes, and “Specialty” for stubby, wider boards like fish, eggs, etc., the Snuggie is a better way to protect your board.

Snuggie bags start at just $42, and you can find them now at your Local CI Dealer or our site here and here.

Edit: Isaiah Merrick ||

Surfer: Josiah Amico ||

  • 04.16.2021