The Drifter Interview with Rob Machado

  • 04.16.2021

The Drifter

An interview with Rob Machado

Rob’s latest film the Drifter may well be his final contribution of significance to surfing as a paid professional. It’s been some twenty years since we first met that emaciated teenager with hair like broccoli. In that time Rob has witnessed some seismic shifts in the game of pro surfing, some of which he’s been directly responsible for. Here Rob discusses his film, answers to our criticisms, candidly divulges an epiphany he experienced in his tent in the depths of the Indonesian archipelago and details for us his observations of professional surfing.

Now approaching middle age, are you surprised to be still getting paid to surf?

When I first turned pro, guy’s careers pretty much ended by the time they were 30. They accepted it, stepped down and got a job in the industry. Tom Curren was the first guy to take it beyond that. You look at Kelly who’s 37 and he was in the hunt for a world title and is the reigning champ. I think it’s a matter of how dedicated people are to the sport. If I can still surf good and compete or be relevant to the sport why shouldn’t I?

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  • 04.16.2021