Will Dane Return to the Tour?

  • 04.16.2021

Dane Reynolds

You’re acting like you’ve never seen a surfer this good not wanna do the world tour before. And that’s, uh, because you haven’t. Dane Reynolds stole all our hearts and made the progressive zeitgeist tremble and curl into the foetal position. He redefined accepted air heights and rotation speeds. He brought future and past to that perfect spot: He’s Right Now!

Dane took the fire escape outta the theatre of competitive surfing in 2011. The ASP quivered at a potential drop in viewers, the viewers quivered at a definite drop in excitement and the top 34 quivered with excitement at the removed potential of facing Dane in a heat. “I’m just trying to hold on against Dane,” said Kelly Slater after beating Dane at the Quiksilver Pro in March (where Dane was a wildcard). “He hasn’t beaten me and that’s only because I end up getting the better waves. I think that proves that it doesn’t come down to surfing, ’cause Dane’s pretty much everybody’s favourite surfer. Heats are a different thing, there’s technical things, and to be honest I don’t think Dane wants it for the same reason that people do, competitively. He likes to perform and that’s the beauty of Dane. It’s not his contest results, it’s the beauty of his expression. I love surfing against him, I wish I could surf against him at every event. But I know he’d start smashing me.”.


  • 04.16.2021