From Stab issue 70: In which the juvenile egotism, arrested adolescence, compulsive heterosexual activity and all the rest of Mr. Dane Reynolds’ macho bullshit is poured onto the page. All photos come from a recent trip to Mex…

Interview and photos by Morgan Maassen

Stab: Okay, tape rolling. First I want to…
Dane: Oh my god, my dogs are sickos! That’s fu%&ed-up. Boogie! (Pam and Boogie appear to be 69’ing)

Are they consummating? Boogie, that’s your sister!

Cute! We just flew down to Mex for these photos. Something I wanna know is, what’s the pressure like to perform for cameras? Well, a problem I was having in Mexico these past trips was that I was trying to compare myself to myself two years ago when I went down there for that Lost Interest trip. I was getting in my own head and trying to make sure I was surfing better than I was two years ago. And I was mind-fucking myself and putting too much pressure on myself and, in turn, not going forward and replicating what I had done or something. I over-think shit sometimes… a lot.

Do you hold that surfing you did in Mexico two years ago as the golden standard? No, it wasn’t the golden standard but it’s what happened two years ago and I definitely don’t want to… I want to be getting better, but I shouldn’t be worried about accomplishing the same thing. I should be worried about doing different shit.

How much importance do you attach to website, Marine Layer? Everything that’s in the media is someone else’s representation of you and how they perceive whatever you say. When I did that interview with Kelly for What Youth, I realised how much you shape somebody else’s words when you interview someone. Because if we printed it verbatim, it’s just a mess of shit so you try to get the big idea of what they’re trying to say and put it in their words. That was eye-opening to see how people fuck-up interviews so bad. Marine Layer is no-bullshit. It’s not skewed by all the filters of magazines and sponsorship and shit like that. It’s just the footage that I like with the music that I like, and I feel like it’s been pretty important for me.

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  • 04.16.2021