North Shore Field Notes

  • 12.21.2023


Britt Merrick and CI’s Global Team Manager Brent Power just spent a few weeks on North Shore to dial in quivers for CI's CT 2024 Surfers: Joao Chianca, Barron Mamiya, Lakey Peterson, Imaikalani DeVault, Alyssa Spencer, and Matt MacGillivray.

They met daily, surfed, talked about their boards' pros and cons, took notes and went back to California after a few weeks to fix the board refinements they felt were needed. The work they did collectively on dialing in boards will ensure these CT surfers are 100% ready for Pipe and Sunset—there will be no second guessing what they are riding, regardless of whatever Mother Nature has in store for those events.

The video is a fly-on-the-wall view of Britt and Brent's time with these 6 surfers, and includes insightful commentary about how they approached this process. And, of course, there was lot of great waves and surfing as the backdrop to their R&D sessions.

So what are they riding? The team is mostly on custom dims of popular CI Performance models such as CI Pro, 2.Pro and Happy Traveler.

Team Shot




  • 12.21.2023