Miguel Tudela's 2015 reel

  • 04.16.2021

If you haven’t heard of Miguel Tudela yet, get use to it!! He is a mad man!! Surfs incredibly well in the small stuff and absolutely charges the big stuff! One of the most well rounded up and comers out there right now… if you don’t believe us watch this video and make up your own mind!

IMG_8527Bay Clean-31_V0A0013MiguelTudela_CHRISTIE_CHR_1365IMG_6437Tai Van Dyke

Born: 26 of December 1994
Local Spot: Punta Hermosa, Peru
Height: 5’7
Weight: 144
Favorite Waves: Pipeline and Pico Alto
Favorite Manuver: Big Barrels
Favorite Board: 5’8 x 18.3/8 x 2.1/4 Fred Rubble
Sponsors: Volcom, CI Surfboards, Mapfre, Mitsubishi Motors, Skullcandy, Mantarraii Big Wave Impact Vests, FCS
  • 04.16.2021