Machado's Golf Experience

  • 04.16.2021


Much was said about Rob Machado a number of years ago when photos of him golfing first started surfacing. Some lauded him for bringing so much style to the course, others just wondered why a surfer was playing golf.

Shortly thereafter, Kelly got into chasing a little white ball around with a stick, and Rob’s mystique on the course was overshadowed. Much like the plot to his new film, The Drifter, Rob retreated.

He sought out the seldom played public courses. He indulged in twighlight specials, whittled his own clubs out of eucalyptus, and got back to basics, back to “soul golf.” But not one to drop off the radar completely, for eight years running now he’s played host to his own tournament, an affair that benefits the Rob Machado Foundation, which over the years has helped support everything from Boarding For Breast Cancer to the Cardiff Education Foundation to 1% For The Planet.

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  • 04.16.2021