Kelly Slater talks the Fred Rubble

  • 04.16.2021

Kelly Slater talks the Fred Rubble. Photo: Ryan MillerKelly Slater talks the Fred Rubble. Photo: Ryan Miller

Remember last year when we were all sporting Dumpster Divers? But, just when we presumed late 2011 was going to be all Neck Beards (Reynolds’ latest model) out pops Conner Coffin’s Fred Rubble. Forgiving rocker, kinda thick, easy to pilot in smaller and not-so-small waves, it has become the kayak of choice among good surfers. And the goodest surfer of “em all is Kelly Slater, whose Rubble slit the throats of his opponents at Trestles. Stab engaged the Champ in a brief convo re: his Rubb.

Stab: How diff is your version of the Rubb to Connor’s or the off-the-shelf models?
Kelly: He usually rides squashes. My pulled-in tail just gives a little more bite through the turns. It’s also epoxy and has a good spring to it which I don’t feel on my regular boards as much.

Y’on a five nine? What are the complete dimensions, including the beak and the stern, and the bottom shape? Don’t know all the dims offhand. Maybe 12″ nose, 18 3/8″ width, 14 1/4″ at the stern and, yep, a 5’9″. Single-to-double concave, I believe.

Y’ever ride it much as a five-finner? And what would motivate the switch to five? When do you prefer three over five etc? And what fins do you prefer? Not yet. Flatter waves bring in the quad and five option. I use the K2.1’s in front and my quad set back fins. The fifth is a little mini keel thing a friend gave me.

Is this the lil tiger y’won NYC on as well? I broke the NY one. This is just a Trestles special.

Is this an epoxy? Oui.

Whats your wax regime? Are you on the Brazilian FU program? How long do you keep your wax on before scooping it all off? Are you into base coats, top coats etc? I use Sex Wax base and maybe a Fu dusting over the top. Apparently, Sex Wax has a comparable one I have yet to try.

What thrills you about the rounded pin tails? More drive and control than squash but not as much lift for air sections.


  • 04.16.2021