Kanoa wins the Mahalo Surf Eco Festival

  • 04.16.2021

Kanoa WSL:Smorigo © Kanoa Igarashi -WSL/Smorigo

Kanoa Igarashi achieved the most important accomplishments in his career so far as he confirmed his qualification onto the 2016 World Surf League Championship Tour after taking out Connor O’Leary in the Final of the QS 6,000 Mahalo Surf Eco Festival!! Kanoa was a standout the whole event and will be a major threat on the WSL this upcoming year… He currently sits in the 5th spot on the WQS rankings. After a 2nd place finish, Connor O’Leary is now in 8th place. Pat Gudauskas is in 18th and Conner Coffin is 19th…

Kanoa WSL:Smorigo 2

© WSL/Smorigo

Connor O'Leary WSL:Smorigo

Connor O’Leary – © WSL/Smorigo

Kanoa Sherm Image

  • 04.16.2021