Holiday Gift Guide: How To Choose Fins

  • 04.16.2021

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else this holiday season, fins are a go-to present. For more ideas check out our Holiday Gift Guide.

Fins come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, and price points. Not to mention configurations such as single, twin, 2 +1, thruster, quad, and even 5 fin setups. Pairing the right set of fins with your board and the surf conditions will allow you to hone in your desired balance of drive and maneuverability. Knowing surfers have varying budgets, Al’s legendary fin templates are available in a variety of constructions, so getting a great set of fins doesn’t have to break the bank.


Make no mistake, this fin ain’t retro. Although inspired by classic keel outlines, the all-new AMK (Al Merrick Keel Fin) template boasts a modern rake shape, graduated tip flex and flat inside foils finely tuned for fast, high-performance surfing. This keel-fin design is built to rip but also ideal for those that just want to groove. Pairing them with the CI Fish makes for a classic look and feel, but they also go great on the Twin Fin and soon to be released Fishbeard.

This is the original template for the Merrick Twin Fin “MTF.” The design, when hooked up with a small trailing center fin, makes a great loose feeling thruster. You get the speed of a twin-fin with the positive drive of a thruster. Available in FCSII and Futures fin systems.


Many of our thruster sets come in three different sizes. When presented with such an option we recommend the following:

  • Small – 145lbs and under
  • Medium – 165lbs and under
  • Large – 165lbs and over

FRP fins (Fiberglass reinforced polymer construction) are our most affordable fins. They take the glass flex fin to an all-new level. The polymer is injected with fiberglass to create a stiffer, more controlled, and durable fin. Designed to enhance controlled flex and responsiveness, while providing remarkable memory and durability.

The RTM Tech 1’s honeycomb hexagonal core combined with the Al Merrick template offers a medium flex pattern, making this fin a versatile option for a wide range of conditions and surfing abilities.

The RTM Tech 2’s unique core reduces resin content and weight. Proprietary fiberglass weave and orientation maximizes response and performance. These fins are stiffer than the Tech 1’s and excel in waves with more power.

5 FIN (Thruster & Quad Options)

5 fin sets offer the versatility of thruster and quad setups. Riding the quad rears instead of the center fin will add drive and hold. FCS’ G AM PC Preformance Core fins are designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional glass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. Likewise, Futures’ Techflex have a carbon fiber construction making them lighter than Honeycomb fins with the strength and responsiveness of fiberglass. Both options are perfect for powerful surfers and powerful waves.


The CI Fin Wallet has separate compartments to keep your wax waxy and the clean stuff clean. Plenty of space for three sets of fins, leash, sunblock, ding repair, wax, and first aid necessities.

For more tips, check out our guide to finding the right surfboard and browse the Holiday Gift Guide for more gift ideas.

  • 04.16.2021